The City of Prague Museum

POOR PRAGUE People – Places – Institutions (1781–1948)

POOR PRAGUE People – Places – Institutions (1781–1948)

Main Building

3. 4. 2019 – 25. 8. 2019

The Poor Prague exhibition provides various perspectives on poverty in the city during the 19th century and, primarily, prior to the mid-20th century. Historical images, mainly photographs and prints, document the everyday care of the destitute for their modest livelihood. The unique pictures depict places that the poor occupied or where they stayed. Moreover, visitors have an opportunity to familiarise with the selected institutions of Prague in which the poor found refuge and support, i.e. see how society coped with poverty through social care which was formed during the Joseph II era.

The Poor Prague exhibition uncovers the dark side of the metropolis and presents them in a wider context. Perceptive visitors thus can compare the historical and contemporary realities.

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