From 15 June 2020 the museum´s main building will be closed for reconstruction.

The City of Prague Museum

Prague 1848 →1918

Prague 1848 →1918

Main Building

13. 6. 2018 – 24. 2. 2019

The exhibition presents two cardinal moments in the history of Prague – the events of 1848, especially the Pentecostal Uprising, and the declaration of the independent Czechoslovak state on 28 October 1918, including the Prague reflections of the reality which preceded it. Furthermore, the exhibition shows the changes of Prague during the second half of the long 19th century. Over several decades, Prague underwent significant modernisation during which suburbs surrounded it and many transportation buildings and important public buildings were erected, and it subsequently turned into a modern metropolis.

The year of ‘great changes’ – 1848 – introduced many previously unseen undertakings in Prague; it even experienced street fights that erupted on 12 June 1848, and the exhibition marks their 170th anniversary. The exhibition showcases a remarkable collection of weapons from the rebels which is enshrined in the City of Prague Museum as well as an impressive collection of historical prints that complete the atmosphere of barricade fights and the wider context of the turbulent times. Prague and especially the hardships of its inhabitants during the Great War are illustrated in many historical photographs which also document the thrilling moments on 28 October 1918 in the streets of Prague. With the authentic collection items and modern audio-visual means, the exhibition helps one feel the atmosphere of the given historical period and provides education to all curious visitors.

The exhibition has been expanded by a website line The Objects of Praguers around 1900  showcasing 3D models of collection items representing historical objects in the form of interactive 3D models.

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