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Prague and Her Daughters

Prague and Her Daughters

Main Building

5. 10. 2011 – 13. 5. 2012

The exhibition viewed the history (of Prague) through the eyes of Prague female citizens from ancient times till the mid-20th century, uncovering their destinies. The exhibition presented the world of women and the solution of gender issues over time. It featured important women who had lived in Prague and focused on general female archetypes and gender stereotypes. The world of women and men today, i.e. after the mid-20th century, was reflected in the live club – through various meetings, discussions and lectures.

After viewing the exhibition one could open the website of the Municipal Library of Prague ( to read about the stories of women who tried to change the world surrounding them. The e-library project originated as a partner project of the exhibition called Prague and Its Daughters which was organized by the City of Prague Museum. The project includes interesting women’s literature from the early 20th century, which the Municipal Library of Prague keeps and now opens to the public in the electronic version. The website gives you several views of the 20th century world and the role of women presented by some remarkable ladies. You can download e-books for free in various formats for e-book readers or smartphones.

“Which of the theorists and practitioners will solve the women’s issue? Either those, who want every woman to have her breadwinner, or those, who wish to open new learning and working horizons to women and gain all the rights for them? Those, who just want to fill women with the contents of men’s beings, or those, who want to bring women’s motherhood to the greatest development?” Teréza Nováková, Ze ženského hnutí (From the Women’s Movement), 1897



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