The City of Prague Museum

Prague at the Service of the Czechoslovak Red Cross

Prague at the Service of the Czechoslovak Red Cross

Main Building

20. 3. 2019 – 30. 6. 2019

The outdoor panel exhibition will present Czechoslovak Red Cross activities from 1919 to 1989 in the context of the city of Prague, thus marking the 100th anniversary of this organisation. Its humanitarian activity as well as political engagement during the organisation’s development will be presented via a collection of photographs, posters, and leaflets from the City of Prague Museum’s collection plus illustrations from historical periodicals. The exhibition will further present portraits of significant figures related to the Czechoslovak Red Cross such as Alice Masaryková, Rudolf Jedlička, Hana Benešová, and others.

The exhibition seeks to introduce Prague from the perspective of health and social support during the recent past and in this context present both the joyful and tragic moments of the Czechoslovak Red Cross history.

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