Prague Collages – Jitka Kopejtková

Prague Collages – Jitka Kopejtková

Main Building

7. 11. 2014 – 1. 2. 2015

The displays in the museum lecture hall presented the series of collages featuring Prague and the City of Prague Museum, which are made by the photographer Jitka Kopejtková. The author has been focusing on the classic collage art made out of paper – using scissors, scalpel, and tearing technique – and no computer. Following the tradition of Jiří Kolář and others, Jitka Kopejtková provides evidence that collage is a living and attractive art technique which should not fall into oblivion.

You may also find the collages by Jitka Kopejtková in the City of Prague Museum 2015 diary.

A collage workshop is being prepared along with the exhibition.

Photo Gallery

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