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The City of Prague Museum

Prague in prehistory

Praha v pravěku
nahrdelnik obraz hrob-vybava chata hrob bronzy


The permanent display is dedicated to archaeology of Prague from the prehistory to the arrival of the Slavs in the Early Middle Ages. The introductory sections bring information about the beginnings of archaeological research in Prague and some significant figures of Prague archaeology as well as about the development of the settlement of the Prague basin from the Palaeolithic Era to the Early Middle Ages.

The other parts focus on the main areas of the everyday life of humans, giving an overview of the specific periods. Original findings, pictures, models, and reconstructions document the changes of the ways of housing, livelihood, farming, and the production of various items, including vessels, tools, and weapons. The clothing, personal appearacne, jewellery, and other decorations have also been taken into account.

The last part of the display covers the various methods to bury the dead to show the spiritual ideas of the Prague inhabitants of long ago.


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