Prague of Charles IV - A Grandiose Building Site in Europe

Prague of Charles IV - A Grandiose Building Site in Europe

House at the Golden Ring

from 13. 12. 2016

Due to a new installation the first part of the display is be closed from 28 August until 1st December 2017.

Main emphasis is laid on the rule of Charles IV and the House of Luxembourg. It is the first stage of the newly devised exhibition which will present Prague in the Luxembourg era and the life in the overall medieval context. The comprehensive concept of the exhibition thus brings a unique insight into a medieval city and the urban changes of Prague.

Did you know that Prague was comprised of four towns in the time of Charles IV?

The new permanent exhibition features Charles IV’s ideas and the real transformation of Prague. The virtual and tangible models of structures founded by Charles IV, the housing development, and individual buildings show the appearance of the town changed by Charles IV and other rulers of the House of Luxembourg.

Among the attractive exhibits are the models of Vyšehrad, Prague Castle, and the unique model of St Vitus Church which in Charles IV’s time was used for religious and state needs while retaining its original Romanesque basilica. The model of the Nový hrádek u Kunratic (New Castle near Kunratice), the seat of Wenceslas IV, also deserves attention of visitors as it was based on the latest findings of archaeological research.

Did you know that Karlovo náměstí (Charles Square) was the largest town square in Europe in the time of Charles IV?

However, the greatest focus is put on the model of the entire Prague development. The building and urban development of the town in the 14th century is demonstrated via the most recent technologies. Visitors will get a chance to look at the medieval city with the help of other tangible and virtual reconstructions – significant places and individual buildings of Prague (Cattle Market, Church of Our Lady of the Snows, Emmaus Monastery, Stone Bell House, etc.).

Did you know that the funeral for Charles IV lasted for 17 days? 

In addition to the models, precious exhibits from the museum’s collection are on display, such as the pilgrim badge from the second half of the 14th century evidencing that Prague was a significant pilgrimage destination in the time of Charles IV. At the same time, the visitors will learn the details of Charles IV’s life related to the daily living in a town.

Throughout the exhibition, visitors can find dramatic stops to feel the atmosphere of the town, its life and some events such as the birth of Charles IV, his arrival in Prague in 1333, his coronation and funeral. Original items from the collection of the City of Prague Museum and other institutions present the appearance of the town and the life of its inhabitants in the Luxembourg era.



House at the Golden Ring

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