Prague of Charles IV – The Medieval Town

Prague of Charles IV – The Medieval Town

House at the Golden Ring

from 2. 12. 2017

The second stage of the display Prague of Charles IV
The exhibition will be publicly open on December 2nd. More information soon.

The first stage of the exhibition at the House at the Golden Ring was launched in December 2016 as part of the celebrations of the seven hundredth birth anniversary of Charles IV. Focusing on urban development in Prague and its changes throughout the 14th century, the display accentuates the rule of Charles IV. Based on the latest scientific findings, the unique virtual and tangible models of the housing development and individual buildings of Prague will help present Charles’s ideas as well as reality. Great attention is paid to the New Town of Prague, founded by Charles, in the context of other parts of the city. Original items from the collection of the City of Prague Museum and other institutions present the appearance of the town and the life of its inhabitants during the Luxembourg era.

The second stage of the exhibition completes the extant part focusing on the changes of the towns of Prague until about 1400. This time, emphasis is put on the life of medieval inhabitants, especially their private life in a medieval house. New original items discovered during archaeological research of multiple institutions, especially the City of Prague Museum and National Heritage Institute, are being displayed. The exhibition area has been expanded by further rooms; at the same time, the current models on display are used for deeper information and education purposes and some motifs have been further elaborated. In this sense, the models – both physical and virtual – keep playing an important role.

The new videomapping of Charles Square shows its medieval housing development and its function; new visualisations are illustrative of the importance of the river, fords, and bridges for the medieval town as well as the administration of the towns. The fortification of Prague is also highlighted. This time, attention is paid to some more or less known theories dealing with the spiritual aspect of the foundation activities of Charles IV.

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