The City of Prague Museum

Prague Vedute of the 18th Century

Prague Vedute of the 18th Century

Main Building

15. 3. 2017 – 4. 6. 2017

The curators of the City of Prague Museum and the Prague City Archives have been preparing the exhibition Prague Vedute of the 18th Century for several years. The exhibition presents 18th century prints of Prague which are deposited in Czech institutions. The unique array of originals from the fundamental collections of the City of Prague Museum presents the changes of the city and situate the vedute phenomenon in a historical context.

During the 18th century, Prague witnessed significant historical events, coronations, sieges, military occupations, and natural disasters which determine both the character and the content of the vedute on display which are thus rather varied. Presenting nearly 200 of prints, the exhibition is designed both as a tour of Prague and as a witness of events.

The prints are not only historical sources but also works of art. Therefore, visitors can also admire the artistic dimension of the vedute on display.

Along with the exhibition, a Czech-English publication is released which becomes a basic compendium of the Prague graphics of the 18th century for both institutions and the public.

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