The City of Prague Museum

Re-lining of Damaged Paintings

Relining of deteriorated paintings (on a hot vacuum table)
for institutions and private restorers..

Věra Šubertová
tel.: +420 235 364 084, +420 606 181 706


Maximum size to be executed is 112 x 146 cm.


Price for the table CZK 1800
Lining the table with Melinex foil CZK 178
Total price CZK 1978

Material for 1m2: 
Canvas 1m2 = CZK 335
plastic foil 1m2 = CZK 76
wax-resin mixture 1 m2 CZK 350
The total price for the material for 1m2  = CZK 761.

Additional price of CZK 350/hour is charged if the painting needs to be removed from the frame, ground, and reinforced.
Furthermore, 21% VAT is charged.

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