The City of Prague Museum

Rothmayerova vila 2014–2016. Fotografie: Martin Polák

Rothmayerova vila 2014–2016. Fotografie: Martin Polák

Study and Documentation Centre Norbertov

8. 6. 2017 – 1. 10. 2017

The two photographers Martin Polák (1966) and Lukáš Jasanský (1965) are significant artists in the field of art photography. No matter how much their works are characterised by mostly conceptual attitude, the new exhibition in the Norbertov Study and Documentation Centre presents documentary photographs of the villa interiors and exteriors which were taken in compliance with a carefully prepared plan that seeks to present the typical qualities of the villa including its unique atmosphere.

Martin Polák began to cooperate with the City of Prague Museum in 2005 when he started to systematically take pictures of Villa Müller and its garden. After the villa of the architect Otto Rothmayer was passed to the museum’s administration in 2014, Martin Polák assumed the task to document this modern architecture landmark as well. Several series of photographs were taken before the end of 2016, capturing the transformation of the residential house into a museum. The exhibition, which opens on 8 June 2017, will present a selection of these photographs.

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