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The City of Prague Museum

Science and research

Scientific Research Activities in the City of Prague Museum


The City of Prague Museum conducts basic and applied research in all specialised activities of the museum including the distribution of results. The Museum is listed in the Register of Research Organisations (as decreed by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of 2 August 2018).

The Museum’s Science Strategy, which is compiled by the Department of Science Secretary with the contribution of the Scientific Advisory Board, defines the concrete research projects.

The science strategy reflects the research scope of the museum, focusing on the city of Prague including its natural background in the context of specialised activities in the spheres of archaeology, history, and modern architecture. The museum research stems from its traditional focus on the previously implemented projects mostly mapping everyday life in the metropolis during various periods of time. However, the elites and important events in the capital city will also be adequately researched.

The museum’s collection and its wider context corresponding to the purpose and circumstances of the acquisition of collection items form the basis for the museum activity. Therefore, research also includes preservation of the collection – both preventive and secondary.

A three-year project (launched in April 2018) The Use of Digital Models for the National Infrastructure of Memory Institutions is among the first genuine research projects. This project is organised in cooperation with CESNET, a research association of Czech universities and the Czech Academy of Sciences, and the software company Musoft. The project was endorsed within the ETA Programme of the Technology Agency of the Czech Republic. As a result, a higher quality of digitalisation and presentation of collection items will be achieved using 3D models.

Scientific Advisory Board

PhDr. Ivana Boháčová , Ph.D.
Institute of Archaeology of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Doc. Dr. Ing. Michal Ďurovič  
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague
Department of Chemical Technology of Monument Conservation


Prof. PhDr. Milan Hlavačka, CSc.
Institute of History of the Czech Academy of Sciences


Mgr. Milan Hlaveš, Ph.D. 
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague


Doc. PhDr. Jiří Hnilica, Ph.D. 
Faculty of Education, Charles University
History and History Didactics Department


Mgr. Jan Hrdina, Ph.D. 
Prague City Archives


Mgr. Jindřich Chatrný
Brno City Museum


Mgr. Marek Junek, Ph.D. 
National Museum
Historical Museum


Vladimír Kučera
Journalist – Historie CS, etc.


PhDr. Jaroslav Podliska, Ph.D. 
National Heritage Institute
Regional Office Prague


Doc. PhDr. Miroslav Popelka, CSc.
Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Institute of Archaeology


Ing. arch. Ondřej Šefců
National Heritage Institute
Regional Office Prague


Ing. Ivo Štěpánek
Technical Museum in Brno


Doc. Mgr. Daniela Tinková, Ph.D.
Faculty of Arts, Charles University
Department of Czech History


PhDr. Eva Uchalová
Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague


Prof. PhDr. et PaedDr. Jindřich Vybíral, CSc.
Academy of Arts, Architecture, and Design
Department of Art History and Aesthetics


Prof. Ing. Jiří Žára, CSc.
Czech Technical University in Prague
Department of Computer Graphics and Interaction



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