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Show me the money!

Show me the money!

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5. 6. 2013 – 23. 3. 2014

An interactive exhibition for children 8 years and older. This exhibition was initiated by Erste Group and is a part of the Sponsoring VALUE Program.

The exhibition, by Vienna Children’s Museum Zoom in cooperation with FRida & freD Children’s Museum Graz, focuses on the topic of money, its history, its function as a general means of exchange, and its production and distribution.

Children get in touch with money very early on. Many of them get money presents from their grandparents or other relatives when they are infants. Most schoolchildren receive pocket money, and are therefore already experienced in handling smaller amounts of money, and carrying out money transactions like buying things, etc.

Since money is a highly present topic in the world of grownups as well as children, children should get in touch with the basic terms of money and finance early on, in order to sensitize them to a responsible handling of money, later enabling them to avoid debts. The current curriculum states that children shall be promoted in their abilities of judgement and critique as well as their competence for decision-making and responsible actions. These skills are important in the lives (not only the financial lives) of children, adolescents, and grownups, and can be supported in the framework of the exhibition.

The exhibition works like a big game. The children are initially equipped with a little base capital uploaded onto their savings card (similar to a cash card). In the exhibition they can use this card at different stations, thus playfully acting out the most important movements of money flow. They can earn money doing various jobs, spend money on entertainment and shopping, as well as save or invest. Moreover, they can experience money in an unusual, sensory manner and acquire “money knowledge” at various stations. Interactive computer quiz stations offer an opportunity to check the knowledge gained immediately, and to earn money doing “brain work”. The use of computers facilitates independent, target-oriented and individual learning.

The exhibition is organized by Česká spořitelna a. s. and the City of Prague Museum.


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