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Silent Guards

Silent Guards

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25. 11. 2012 – 10. 3. 2013

Object of the Season

There are more than a thousand items in the City of Prague Museum’s collection of locks and forging. They have often found their way to the museum through the efforts of architects, engineers and Prague building offices that have been aware of their value as a document of bygone everyday life in Prague’s towns.

The man who created the most significant part of the City of Prague Museum’s collections and therefore also the set of locks was Břetislav Jelínek who was the museum’s creator from 1883 and from 1895 its director. Charming period terminology can be found in the record books from the museum’s earliest period. The locks, to which this sample is devoted, and their parts are stored in “receptacles” and “capsules” which are the equivalents of the less poetic modern-day words “box” and “casing”. Locks also received the restoration treatment available at that time. They were cleaned and missing parts were tastefully added.

For exhibition purposes locks were often placed on wooden pads which now provide evidence of how the collection was cared for in the past.

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