The City of Prague Museum

Stone for My City Mining and Quarrying in Prague

Stone for My City Mining and Quarrying in Prague

Ctěnice Chateau

23. 2. 2013 – 8. 9. 2013

Stone for My City: Mining and Quarrying in Prague

The exhibition ‘Stone for My City’, which is co-organized with the Museum of Central Brdy, presents the  essential role Prague stone has played in the history of the City of Prague--from the Paleozoic to the modern era. The timeline shows the impact stone quarried in Prague had on the city’s history--especially in the fields of building development, science, and art--and also examines its influence on daily life. Integral to the exhibition is an overview of the significant strata of stone used for construction and decoration along with a brief overview of their geological foundations.

The exhibition is housed in the first and second basements and a portion of the first floor of the chateau. The underground spaces of the Ctěnice Chateau evoke a sense of the depths of the Earth. Visitors climbing up from the deepest cellars experience the symbolic transition from prehistoric times to the early historic and Romanesque eras in Prague. The next part of the exhibition presents Gothic times and examples of the various usages of construction and decoration stones, from the Renaissance to the First Czechoslovak Republic.

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