The City of Prague Museum

The Tower Mystery

The Tower Mystery

The Old Town Bridge Tower

from 2. 4. 2016

On the occasion of the celebrations of Charles IV’s birth anniversary, the City of Prague Museum will open a permanent exhibition in the Old Town Bridge Tower which is run by the Museum. Since the tower is a part of Charles Bridge and the two structures were founded at the same time, the foundation stone of the bridge might be hidden in the pier located below the tower. 

The tower’s construction was completed along with the bridge in the early 15th century. For its architectural and artistic aspects, the tower ranks among the greatest highlights of High Gothic structures of Charles IV, not only in Prague but also in (Central) Europe. The tower is distinguished by many authentic details (e.g. mason’s marks), artistic decoration, and its urban appearance.

The permanent exhibition presents unquestionable facts as well as various hypotheses which will arouse the visitors’ interest although they cannot be verified. A small presentation of objects retrieved from the Vltava, including the latest findings of the unique riverbed research focused on the riverbed mapping, is installed in the tower’s underground.

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