U Města Paříže (At the City of Paris)

U Města Paříže (At the City of Paris)

Main Building

13. 1. 2015 – 29. 3. 2015

For many decades of the long 19th century, the renowned department store at Celetná Street No. 15 offered Prague residents and visitors a wide selection of luxurious goods. The City of Prague Museum collection enshrines the catalogues of goods from that time as well as samples of the assortment to give a clear idea of what could be purchased in a shop which, according to the late 19th century guide, was “gorgeously equipped…, had cellars and two storeys. There are 50 gentlemen and 10 ladies employed in the shop.”

The original building No. 596/I which housed the “U Města Paříže” (At the City of Paris) Department Store at Celetná Street No. 15 is no longer there. In the 1930s, it was replaced by a functionalist style department store designed by Josef Gočár for the Baťa Company of Zlín.


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