The City of Prague Museum

Vinohrady / A good quarter to live in

Vinohrady / A good quarter to live in

Pavla Státniková

The City of Prague Museum, 2012


The book Vinohrady – A Good Quarter to Live In provides a vivid depiction of this remarkable borough of Prague. A rather large amount of photographs, postcards, and other iconographic material related to the municipal development has survived. The book takes the readers on a journey through time and space, from bygone times to the origin of the independent borough of Vinohrady, the time there were only vineyards and agricultural land with many isolated homesteads outside the walls of Prague. Furthermore, the city expansion can be observed which resulted in the development of this noble quarter of Prague, from the demolition of the Prague walls to the establishment of a Prague quarter with a solid structure. The building of Vinohrady was, to a certain extent, regulated; especially the higher and middle class moved in the new tenement houses from Prague, it’s nearest vicinity, and the rest of Bohemia. A rather regular grid of spacious streets originated in a relatively short time, including all the modern city aspects: a church, a city hall, a theatre, a social house, public space, a hospital, and a cemetery.


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