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Enjoy your wedding ceremony in the open air – either in the wedding gazebo in the chateau park or in the Ctěnice Chateau wedding hall.

Rental Spaces for Wedding Ceremonies - Wedding gazebo in the park  / ceremonial hall in the chateau

weekdays CZK 10,000          
Saturday/holidays CZK 12,000

A new wedding price list will come into effect on 1 January 2019.

weekdays CZK 12,000          
Saturday/holidays CZK 14,000

The price includes:
– Dealings with the registrary office of Prague 19 – Kbely / date reservation
– Organization of the wedding day
– The City of Prague Museum will lend umbreallas for the parents, groomsman and bridesman in the case of rain / max. 10 pieces
– Celebratory drink: usually Bohemia sparkling wine / for the newly weds + groomsman and bridesman and parents
– Arrangement of the area / cleaning / maintenance
– Photographs may be taken in the park and inside the chateau
– Bathroom facilities / in the chateau

Flower decoration:
The price calculation includes the basic arrangement for the ceremony. Any special flower decoration may be added upon the client’s wish but is not included in the price.

Other services to be paid extra:
Accommodation / Ctěnice Chateau Hotel
Wedding reception / Ctěnice Chateau Restaurant

Rental of the “Carriage House” for the wedding reception

CZK 15,000 per day 
CZK 15,000 per every another day

Clients may use their own catering services.
Prices include VAT tax
Price list is valid for 2017.

Download pricelist>

A new wedding price list will come into effect on 1 January 2019.

Download pricelist>

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